"After the session for my next business meeting I put together a couple of items based on Gosia's recommendations and I instantly felt more confident and felt more comfortable talking to other business owners".

- Natalia Pazar


Personal Stylist Bristol


What is Style DNA Intensive?


It is a 2 hour intensive style session over the coffee in which we talk through your style taste, new ideas to elevate your look and reinvent clothes in your wardrobe. You will build more confidence in how to use various styling tricks to come back to your home and start creating some great outfits on your own. The style DNA boost will transform you into a #bosslady who shines with confidence at various business occasions.

Style starts in YOU, not shops.

                                                                                                                          - Gosia Scarrott


You don't know what you need in your wardrobe if you don't understand your Style DNA, what suits your personality, figure and unique preferences.

Together, we’ll find out what your business style personality is. I’ll get to know you, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and your business. This is what makes up the foundations of your image and shows me how to reinvigorate your look to attract your ideal clients.

My role is to connect the dots between where you are now and where you want to be in your style, help you identify what's so cool and unique about you and how to show it in your outfits.


How it works

Photo by Visuable

Photo by Visuable

Style DNA Intensive Agenda:

1. Fashion Styles Overview

2. Your Pinterest Board Analysis

3. Style EDU- advice on what suits your shape, character and lifestyle, how to do layering, mix & match     and accessorizing and other style tricks.

4. Wardrobe Blueprint (designing a list of your wardrobe essentials)

5. Recommended shops to buy from

Your Style Intensive Takeaway:

  • get clear on what your personal style is about to make confident outfit choices
  • understand what is missing in your wardrobe to help you create your ideal style
  • know how to manage your wardrobe to look effortlessly chic in 5 min
  • learn new ideas of putting together contemporary #bosslady outfits
  • Style DNA Map delivered to you via email (incl. your style avatar, style tips and outfit formulas, recommended shops, wardrobe essentials and more)



DOes it sound like you:

A busy, driven female entrepreneur who wants to look and feel like a #bosslady in her clothes. She feels her current style is not reflecting the confident business owner she has become. She wants clear and easy tips and ideas on how she can create those killer outfits that make her look the part, always prepared for those high visibility business occasions and client meetings.


Investment: £150


What My Clients Are Saying

I have come to a turning point in my life and in my business when I met Gosia. I just became a full time business owner from a full time employee. This also meant that from wearing work uniform 75% of my time, gym clothes 10% and pyjamas the remaining 10% I now had the opportunity to choose my clothes - I just had no clue what.

After the Style DNA Intensive session with Gosia it all became so clear and so simple. She showed me how with only a handful of key items I can always create a look suitable to the occasion where I also can feel confident. After the session for my next business meeting I put together a couple of items based on her recommendations and I instantly felt more confident and felt more comfortable talking to other business owners.

There was also another result I did not expect: with this newly found confidence my camera shyness disappeared which was necessary for a couple of business related videos I needed to shoot.
I would warmly recommend the style intensive session for anyone as I have already benefited from it tremendously both in my business and my personal life.
— Natalia Pazar


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