Inspirational. Warm. Enthusiastic

Most clients describe me as an inspirational, warm and enthusiastic entrepreneur and my family & friends agree, but they might also say I can be impatient too!

I am a Personal Development junkie, love challenging my thoughts, evolving my confidence and growing. As a child and an adult I felt I was not enough, constantly trying to prove my worth to others and living on my parents' approval. This included my personal style too.  I found myself building my significance and worth via clothes and fashionable looks rather than from inside out. I knew I couldn't carry on like that as it was affecting my mental health and the quality of a day to day life.
This has led me to take a step and look within, 'dig deep' and get a support from a coach to transform my perception and self-image. What I found on the other side was self-love and self-kindness, that beautiful feeling of taking ownership of who you are, unapologetically.

With this new 'judgement-free' mindset I understood what true Personal Style is about.  It is about owning who you are, loving yourself and using clothes and fashion to showcase your worth.  

My journey has awakened in me a passion for helping women own who they are and live life being themselves. I soon trained as an Image Consultant and now combine my passion, skills and knowledge to help you bring out the best of you. 



My approach 

I focus on combining contemporary edge with comfort and a versatile approach to style and wardrobe.

Versatile Wardrobe is your tool in creating  a cohesive and confident style because it helps you understand your taste better, build your self-awareness and bring consistency to how you look and feel in your clothes every day.
A conscious and efficient approach to fashion can not only enhance your image but also simplify your life to give you more time and money to focus on what's really important to you.

I like to teach you skills (not rules) to dress with confidence, hence operate a box-free approach where body and colour types are used for generic guidance only. My objective is to get to know your needs, likes, preferences, lifestyle and vision and to help you create a style and image that works for you and makes you feel the most confident you can be.



Does this sound like you:

You are a busy woman, working in an office or in your business who leads an intense life and needs a versatile, practical and stylish wardrobe that ensures you look great in no time, ready to tackle the day!  

You like to look good and shop for clothes frequently but feel confused with what really suits you, your style identity. You want your style and image to be more specific and consistent so that you create the right impact at the workplace or in your business.

You are tired of the nagging “I have nothing to wear” or “What to wear?” dilemma and crave for more simplicity and ease in managing your style and wardrobe. You want to be a conscious shopper, as good at managing your wardrobe as you are with your workload.

What’s next?